Secure Ethereum Wallet & Exchange


Ethx employs hot and cold wallet system to ensure maximum security of your ether. Along with this we give users option to secure their accounts with two-factor authorization.

Clean Design

Ethx offers a simple and clean interface with amazing user experience. Try it once, and you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from loving it.

Easy KYC

It takes just few clicks from your end and one business day from our end to complete the KYC process.

Mobile Friendly

You can access ethx from your desktop, mobile or tablet. The clean interface looks beautiful on all devices. To make your experience better, we're coming up with mobile apps soon!

Developer Friendly

We're working on releasing SOAP based APIs for developers to integrate ethx with their applications with ease.

Quick Deposits & Payouts

We process deposits and withdraw requests every hour! 24/7!

Crafted with in India

Making ether storage and trading convenient.

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